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Dance under the stars and enjoy a panoramic view of Amman City for all your occasions throughout the year. Located in the hotel’s rooftop, this 2018 fully automated wedding venue in Amman Jordan features a retractable ceiling, panoramic windows, cocktail bar, and a separate accessible buffet area,

Next to the ballroom, a large panoramic suite serves as a waiting area for the bride and groom, stylishly decorated with couches, and features a vanity and a bathroom, and can be used for photo shooting, the visitors are refreshed in a romantic atmosphere and there is a place dedicated to serving the food. Next to it is the panoramic VIP lounge,


The View in Ayass hotel-best hotels in Amman Jordan- is a luxurious ballroom fully private and equipped with basic facilities that serve the parties independently and comfortably. Was opened in October 2018 in a huge ceremony attended by a number of bloggers and businessmen, the guests were welcomed through the famous saxophone player Hassan Al Rayes, and then the presentation of the ceremony was presented by the famous announcer Nadia Zoubi, and then comic paragraph  by the star Nabil Sawalha followed by a paragraph Singing from the Jordanian singer Neda`a Shararah  , and the ceremony  is complemented by a sumptuous dinner buffet that is suitable for the guests. The view in Ayass hotel one of the best hotels in Amman Jordan can be booked by the corporate for their annual Ramadan Iftar for their employees, hence we held a ceremony similar to the atmosphere of Ramadan Iftar one month prior to Ramadan for corporates to try our food and to have an idea how will Ramadan atmosphere will be in the View ballroom,


The hall is a mix between an outdoor and indoor venue at the same time, it can be used for events in winter and summer, it is one of the best wedding venues in Amman Jordan and is located in one of the best 4 stars hotel Amman Jordan

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