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2018-12-24 0 comments

Wadi Rum Jordan is one of the wonderful deserts in the world which is located in southern Jordan and 70 km north of Aqaba City.  Wadi Rum Jordan sand color variation makes  the whole valley looks like a red planet where visitors can land and pleasantly isolate themselves.

Filming in Wadi Rum Jordan was the perfect choice for several movie producers  such as "Martians" due to the similarity with the moon topography as it is also called the valley of the moon.

Wadi Rum Jordan also starred in other movies such as “Lawrence of Arabia”, “Transformers: Revenge of the fallen” and “Theeb”.

You can explore the landscape of Wadi Rum Jordan by a 4 by 4 tour , on the back of a camel, or by taking a hike or a hot air balloon ride. You can also experience the Bedouin lifestyle by staying in a Bedouin lifestyle camp and enjoying a Bedouin traditional meal. This is just a glimpse of what makes Wadi Rum Jordan a unique tourism destination!

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