For your business events we at Ayass hotel- a hotel in Amman Jordan- aims to ensure a reliable service that allows your planned activity to run smoothly and flawlessly. The room set up, props and aids availability, food choice, timely service and on-demand assistance come together to ensure piece of mind and facilitate your event’s success. Ayass hotel offers the best hotel business halls in Amman Jordan which is provided with all what you need to lead your event to success, and what makes Ayass special for business meetings and events having multiple meeting halls each with a different size to accommodate any number of guests, also some of  Ayass business halls are daylit which is sometimes requested by the coordinator of the meeting.

Our priority in Ayass hotel - one of the 4 stars hotel Amman Jordan is the guest satisfaction, which makes people entice to reserve one of our business halls ahead of time. Corporate usually book a meeting room with a coffee break and lunch or dinner depending on their meeting time, lunch and dinner are served in the main restaurant of the hotel "Adonis" that have an outdoor terrace which allow people to enjoy its view and they can have their meals on the terrace too.